Are You Pregnant? Tell Us Right Away!

All you need to do is complete a Notification of Pregnancy survey. You will get a special thank you gift for completing the survey. Get started:

  • Sign into your Member Portal account and then fill out the Notification of Pregnancy form.
  • Or, call an OB Nurse at 1-877-647-4848, Extension 20309 to complete it over the phone.

Pregnant HIP members’ benefits change so that:

  • You will not pay a monthly POWER Account contribution (PAC) while pregnant, or for 12 months postpartum.
  • You will not have copays for healthcare services while pregnant, or for 12 months postpartum.
  • You get additional benefits, including transportation to and from your doctor visits and  chiropractic services.
  • You may be eligible for Medicaid Rehabilitation Option (MRO) services.
  • You could also qualify for an additional $85 dollars of My Health Pays rewards.

These extra benefits make it easier to see your doctor so you can get important care during your pregnancy. These services will begin the first day of the month after you’ve reported your pregnancy to MHS and the Division of Family Resources (DFR).

Pregnancy benefits will end 12 months after your pregnancy ends. To avoid a gap in coverage, please tell MHS and the DFR as soon as your pregnancy ends. Log in to your portal account to fill out your “End of Pregnancy” form. 

Youtube Video: HIP Maternity Program

How We Help

We want to help you have a healthy pregnancy. We will send you small gifts, books and brochures that will help you have a healthy pregnancy. We can also invite you to events that may be in your area, such as an MHS Baby Shower. And, if you have special health needs during your pregnancy, we can match you up with an MHS Care Manager.

Be sure to let MHS and the DFR know as soon as you become pregnant. Visit the Healthy Indiana Plan homepage to learn more about coverage during pregnancy.

At MHS, we care about your health and the health of your baby. We have programs for HIP members who are pregnant or have just had a baby. By joining these programs, you will be eligible for more My Health Pays rewards.

MHS Care Managers will talk to you and suggest the program that is right for you based on your medical history and your doctor’s care plan. To enroll in any of these programs, look for information in the mail or call 1-877-647-4848.

MHS offers helpful materials on our Brochures and Guides page. Look for the section called Moms and Kids. You can find information on:

  • First Year of Life program
  • Special Deliveries program
  • Start Smart for Your Baby program
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • And much more!