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We are proud to offer free materials and resources that can be used to help educate your staff, patients and partners about MHS and the programs we support.

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Ambetter from MHS

Pay for Performance and Scorecards

Quality Improvement Program




Member Management, Member Benefits and Services

Pregnancy Member Management

Program Descriptions, Tools, and other Reference Guides

Posters & Brochures

Medicaid Navigators

Indiana Medicaid Bulletins and FAQs

Having trouble finding what you need in a PDF? Hit Ctrl+F or go to Edit > Find, type in the term you are looking for, and press enter. Find will take you to the first use of that term. Each time you press enter, find will take you to the next occurrence of the term until you reach the end of the document.

If you would like any of these guides in print, please contact Provider Services at 1-877-647-4848.