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Provider Analytics

What is Provider Analytics?

Provider Analytics is a health informatics platform that provides you with timely, actionable quality and cost information to support patient care and optimize your performance in your pay-for-performance model.

How Do I Access Provider Analytics?

Clicking on the Provider Analytics link on the Provider Portal will take you to a landing page where you can select either the Quality tab to get Care Gap information, Cost Utilization/Services information and the Value-based Contracting tabs for scorecards.

What are the Reporting Features of the Tool?

  • Care gaps can be organized by HEDIS measure or provider
  • The Loyalty section shows you the percentage of members in 5 engagement categories to determine how frequently members are seeing their assigned PCP
  • Gap Member Detail Report allows users to create a custom report with member detail including: NPI, HEDIS measure, member compliancy, and loyalty
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) to Plan Comparison summaries that display how the TIN’s compliance rate compares to the rest of the plan

What are the Benefits of the Tool?

  • Prioritizes measures based on performance to help providers focus on moving the needle on performance in order to optimize payout
  • Provides measure anchor dates which helps providers prioritize time-sensitive care gaps
  • Provides the number of gaps needed to close in order to meet the highest performance target
  • Produces reports exportable to Excel
  • Provides a monthly view of performance against targets and shows current and potential payout.

Log in today and explore Provider Analytics to discover how it can benefit your practice! Contact your Provider Network Specialist with questions.


Get daily care gap reports with data from Interpreta. Use the Interpreta tool to improve your patient's health outcomes using analytics updated daily on MHS' Payer Space on the Availity Portal. 

What is Interpreta?

Interpreta is an analytics tool that pulls information from pharmacy, membership and claims data streams to provide daily care gap reports to help you better care for your patients, our members. This updated information also will assist you in managing pay-for-performance metrics.

How Do I Access Interpreta?

Login to your existing Availity Portal and go to the MHS Payer Space. If you do not yet have an account, go to to sign up. It's easy. All you need is your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and an email address.

How Can Interpreta Help Providers?

Providers can use Interpreta to view care gap information for members assigned to individual physicians; or view all members assigned to a TIN. The individual member view provides an in-depth look at a member's clinical history as well as supporting documentation.

Providers have the ability to:

  • Access real-time information vs. longer 30-90 day windows
  • Drill down on each patient, including information on rendering physician
  • Easily read the care gap information
  • HEDIS specification documentation

Healthcare Innovation New Tool

  • Interpreta continuously updates, interprets and synchronizes clinical data.
  • Real time insights offer patient-specific information needed for quality improvement.



HEDIS care gap information is updated daily by Interpreta using data from pharmacy, membership and claims. 



Maximize your bonus for measures included in our quality pay-for-performance program. 



Information is available for all MHS members.

Additional Training Available

If you do not yet have an Availity Portal login, or need assistance with training, visit Availity's website at to find easy-to-use instructions. 

Last Updated: 09/12/2022