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Prior Authorization

A Prior Authorization (PA) is an authorization from MHS to provide services designated as requiring approval prior to treatment and/or payment. All procedures requiring authorization must be obtained by contacting MHS prior to rendering services. PA is required for certain services/procedures which are frequently over- and/or underutilized or services/procedures which are complex and may indicate a need for case management.

Check to see if a pre-authorization is necessary by using our online tool located on the sidebar. It's quick and easy. If an authorization is needed, you can access our Provider Portal to submit online.

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For imaging, outpatient surgeries and testing, requests for services may be obtained via:

For DME, orthotics, prosthetics, home healthcare, and therapy (physical, occupational, speech), requests for services may be obtained via fax only: 1-866-912-4245.

MHS will accept PA requests for emergent services up to two days following services for both contracted and non-contracted providers.

Previously-approved authorizations may be updated for changes in dates of service, servicing provider or CPT/HCPCS codes within 30 days of the original date of service. Authorization approval is for medical necessity only. If your claim subsequently denies, please contact MHS Provider Services at 1-877-647-4848 to determine the reason for the denial.

MHS strives to return a decision on all non-emergent PA requests within
two business days of the request but no later than five business days. Reasons for a delayed decision include the following:

  • Lack of information
  • Illegible faxes

By logging on to the MHS Secure Provider Portal and completing an eligibility check, MHS will be notified of a ER visit by clicking on the Emergency Room Visit tab. 

You can find a full list of services requiring PA in our:

Prior Authorization Tools and Guides

Contracted providers

Contracted providers requesting authorization for elective/routine services must obtain a PA at least two days prior to the date of service to ensure an authorization determination occurs prior to rendering a service. MHS does allow requests for authorization from contracted providers up to two days after the date of service, subject to the appropriate medical review.

Non-contracted providers

Non-contracted providers must obtain authorization two days prior to the date of service. Retroactive authorizations will not be granted except in the event of an emergent situation. If a provider is unable to request a PA at least two business days in advance due to the emergent nature of the member’s condition, a PA request must be initiated within two business days following the date of service/admission. MHS will make every effort to expedite the request. All emergency admissions/services require authorization within two business days of the admission/service.

Failure to obtain PA as previously described will result in claims payment denials for late notifications. Claim denials may result when a claim is denied due to a failure to obtain PA for services where PA is required.

Last Updated: 04/24/2024