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Redetermination Process

Don't forget to renew your HIP Membership.

By law, all HIP members must have their eligibility renewed every 12 months. This annual process is used by the state to determine if members remain eligible for HIP for another year of coverage. Members who lose eligibility due to failure to comply with the redetermination process will be required to wait six months to reenroll in HIP coverage. Learn about the annual eligibility review process by visiting the HIP Redetermination Process page on the State of Indiana's website.

The redetermination period is also one of the periods when a HIP Basic member can move to HIP Plus.

Did You Know?

HIP will remind you forty-five days before your benefits end. You will receive a redetermination form in the mail. Keep us up to date on your address so we can reach you. Be sure to fill out the form you receive completely, include any additional documents the state asks for, and mail it back to us by the due date. Learn more about HIP Redetermination (PDF) here.


If you have any questions about the HIP Redetermination Process, contact a navigator.

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