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Indiana Medicaid Redetermination

Don't forget to renew your Indiana Medicaid Hoosier Healthwise Coverage.

Every year, you will need to complete the Indiana Medicaid renewal process. This is also called “redetermination.” Learn more about Indiana Medicaid renewal below and keep your health coverage.

null Read your mail from FSSA.

FSSA will remind you forty-five days before your Indiana Medicaid benefits end. You will receive a redetermination form in the mail. Keep us up to date on your address so we can reach you.

null Follow the instructions.

Be sure to fill out the form you receive completely, include any additional documents the state asks for, and mail it back to us by the due date.

null Look out for reminders from MHS!

You may receive a letter in the mail, email, and/or phone call from MHS to let you know when to redetermine.

Changes or Questions?

FSSA needs to know if any of your information has changed so you will continue to receive communication regarding your Indiana Medicaid benefits. If your address or contact information has changed or if you have any questions about Redetermination, contact your local Division of Family Resources.

Contact your local Division of Family Resources
Last Updated: 08/18/2022