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Immunizations and Preventive Care

Visit Your Doctor – Get Your Preventive Care and Shots

We visit the doctor when we are sick or hurt so that we can get better, but doctors can help us when we’re not sick, too. Doctors can help us find the early warning signs of health problems so that we can change our lifestyles or take medications that will keep us from getting sick – or worse. We also get immunizations (shots) that keep us from getting diseases that can cause wide-spread sickness in our communities.

Start from choosing either a child or adult schedule from the options listed here. The information will tell you what shots or screenings are due for yours or your child’s next check-up:

Preventive Health Guidelines

Learn about preventive health guidelines for:

Lead Screenings

All children under the age of 2 are required to be tested for lead poisoning at least once. If your child has a higher risk of lead poisoning, then you should test every year. Talk to your doctor about getting tested.

Immunization Guidelines

Please refer to the CDC Vaccine & Immunizations Health Care Professionals site for more resources, training, administration tolls and patient education.

Last Updated: 03/25/2024