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Case and Disease Management

Recovery is Our Top Priority

Your patient’s recovery is our top priority. Members with complex medical needs often require a wide variety of resources and specialized information to help manage their health, prevent complications and improve their quality of life. Our programs can help you help your patient by supporting your treatment plan and assist your patient in getting the services you order.


To refer a member, please complete the Care/Case/Disease Management Request form, available on our Provider Forms page. For more information, please call MHS Case/Disease Management at 1-877-647-4848 or send us a message.

MHS Care Manager’s Role

MHS Case Managers are trained professionals – registered nurses and social workers. The Case Manager will work with the patient to develop a care plan for the complex array of services that your treatment plan requires. The Case Manager can assist in identifying the services available and providing options to maximize covered benefits. We will also help your patient to address issues such as housing, food and transportation.

The Case Manager knows what questions to ask, where to find answers to questions and how the pieces fit together. Generally, the Case Manager contacts the patient and treatment team by phone and in writing, but the Case Manager can also arrange to visit the patient at home or at the hospital. Case Managers are available by phone during business hours, and have a voicemail box available after hours.

MHS Health Library

You can print health info sheets from MHS’ Health Library to give to your MHS member patients.

Last Updated: 01/22/2021