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Materials Order Form | MHS Indiana

We believe that better education and understanding of services empowers members to take charge of their health. We are proud to offer free materials and resources that can be used to help educate your staff, patients and partners about MHS and the programs we support.

Available materials include brochures, guides, giveaway items and more.

Instructions: Check the box for the information you would like sent to your staff. All materials can be viewed on our member resources page.

MHS Programs

MHS Overview (Brochure) - Learn about MHS and the programs we offer
Ambetter from MHS – Have You Had A Life Changing Event (Brochure)
Crisis Text Line (Flyer) - In crisis? Get free, confidential support, 24/7
Disease Coaching (Brochure) - Get help managing your health conditions
24-Hour Nurse Advice Line (Brochure) - How and when to contact the free nurse line
How to Schedule Transportation (Brochure) - How to get free rides to the doctor and more
Ombudsman Program (Brochure) - How to get help working with MHS

Understanding Your Health Insurance

Emergency Room: Know When to Go (Flyer) - Why and when you should go to the ER
POWER Account Brochure (Brochure) - How to make the most of your POWER Account
Understanding Medically Frail (Brochure) - How the Medically Frail Program works and how you can qualify
Behavioral Health Emergency: Know When to Go (Flyer) - How to decide if you should call your provider or go to the hospital

Moms and Kids

Child's Dental Visit (Flyer) - Learn how to get a $20 reward by scheduling your child's dental visit
Children with Special Needs Program (Brochure) - Services for kids with special needs and their parents
First Year of Life (Flyer) - Program for new moms and babies
Healthy Kids Club (Flyer) - Free program for kids with books, newsletters and personalized ID cards
Important Information for MHS Moms (Flyer) - MHS maternity services and working with WIC
Keeping Your Child Safe (Brochure) - A guide to follow-up care for your child after behavioral health hospitalization
Special Deliveries (Brochure) - Program for women with complicated pregnancies
Start Smart for Your Baby (Brochure) - Program for pregnant women
ER or Doctor Visit? (Brochure) - How to know where to go when your child is sick
Virus or Bacteria: What's Got You Sick? (Flyer) - Find out when antibiotics are needed


Member Portal Registration Help (Half-Page Flyer) - How to create a Member Portal account

Your Health

Advanced Directives (Brochure) - Find out how to make important decisions now about your future health care
Indiana's Opioid Epidemic (Flyer) - MHS programs to help with substance use
Opioid Information for Parents (Flyer) - What parents need to know about teen substance use
Protect Your Family from Lead (Brochure) - How to recognize and avoid lead exposure
Tobacco Cessation (Flyer) - MHS programs and rewards to help you quit smoking
Women’s Health Preventive Screenings (Brochure) - What screenings are important and when women should have them
Protect Your Family from Lead (Brochure) - How to recognize and avoid lead exposure, and when your children need tested
Protect Your Family from Lead (Flyer) - How to recognize and avoid lead exposure, and when your children need tested

Medicaid Navigators

For Navigators: Next Steps (Flyer) - Helpful sheet to provide to potential members who chose MHS on their application
For Navigators: Quick Tips (Flyer) - Important information and common questions to help you assist applicants

MHS Giveaway Items

MHS RosieRoo Stickers for Kids
MHS Coloring Books & Crayons for Kids
MHS Pens
MHS Hand Sanitizer

Thank you for being our partner in care!

Last Updated: 01/15/2021