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My Health Pays Common Questions

All MHS members get a rewards card. If the member is a child, the card will be issued in their name and sent to their address.

You will receive a card in the mail within 3 weeks of becoming a new MHS member.

Please call MHS Member Services at 1-877-647-4848.

Yes, you must activate your card within 60 days of receipt. To activate the card, call 1-888-514-6841. You will need to provide the 16 digit card number, your 4-digit birth year and then choose a 4-digit PIN. Be sure to remember the PIN that you choose.

To reset your PIN, call 1-888-514-6841.

No! The new card has a Visa logo, but it is NOT a credit card.

  • The card will not affect your credit score and MHS did not sign you up for a credit card.
  • The card cannot be used for cash back, or alcohol, tobacco or firearms products.
  • The card can only be used for eligible expenses.

There are three ways to find out your balance:

Simply swipe your card during checkout at a participating location, or use the card online.

  • Always choose to run the card as a debit card if given a choice. You will need the PIN you chose when you activated the card.
  • You cannot use your card as a credit card, to get cash back or at an ATM.

You can buy any item at any Walmart location, with the exception of alcohol, tobacco, guns or ammunition. Plus, you can use your rewards to help pay for: Household Utilities, Telecommunications, Transportation, Child Care Services, Education, Rent.

HIP members can also use rewards to pay their monthly POWER Account Contribution (PAC). You can pay online through your secure portal account, or call Member Services to pay with rewards over the phone.

All rewards expire one year from the date they were put on your card. If you don’t earn any rewards or use your card for a year, the card will become inactive. You are able to use your My Health Pays rewards up to 90 days after your coverage terminates.

The rewards can be spent in the following ways:

  • Household Utilities such as gas, electric, water, sewer, cable. Members must pay the utility service provider directly.
  • Telecommunications (Phones) including cell phone or home phone bills, or to purchase a cell phone. Rewards cannot be used to buy prepaid phone minutes.
  • Transportation like rideshare services, taxis, or public transportation. Bus or train passes must be purchased directly from the transportation service provider.
  • Education expenses at elementary or high schools, college, trade schools and more.
  • Childcare expenses at childcare centers. Most in-home childcares are not set up to run the transaction with the correct merchant classification, but members are encouraged to try.
  • Housing and Rent through a rental property company. Rewards cannot be used towards a mortgage payment.

Yes, Walmart is the only store in the My Health Pays program. At this time, you can’t use rewards at – you must visit a store.

Yes, you can use your rewards at the self-checkout/U-scan line.

You will be able to purchase any item at Walmart with the exception of:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms and ammunition

Yes. You can use rewards at Walmart for pharmacy copays.

The rewards card will not work at front of the store type businesses within Walmart such as a nail salon, Starbucks, McDonalds etc.

No, the rewards cannot be used to purchase gasoline.

Yes, you can use your rewards to pay your monthly contribution. You can call MHS Members Services or log into your secure member portal account and click Pay Contribution.

Yes! You will be able to purchase items that are not covered and those that are during the same transaction using two different forms of payment.

You can make a partial payment at Walmart by choosing the debit option. This will allow you to use the balance of the rewards card along with another form of payment.

Any remaining balance will remain on your card. You can use it for future purchases.

It depends on the type of reward. Some, like the annual visit reward, are based on claims sent to us by your provider. These can take up to three months to appear on your card. Other rewards will be added sooner.

You can get a reward for yearly check-ups and health screenings for children or adults once each calendar year. For a full list of ways you can earn rewards, click here.

Please call MHS Member Services at 1-877-647-4848 with any rewards questions. If you need to check your balance call 1-866-809-1091 or if you don’t remember your PIN call 1-888-514-6841.

Last Updated: 03/27/2024