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POWER Up to HIP Plus

Remember, HIP Plus is the preferred plan for all HIP members. HIP Plus is the best value because it provides health coverage for a low, predictable monthly cost. With HIP Plus, you get dental, vision and chiropractic coverage – and no copays!

HIP Power Accounts

POWER Account stands for “Personal Wellness and Responsibility” Account. The POWER Account is a special savings account designed to provide incentives for members to stay healthy and use services in a cost-efficient manner.

Every Healthy Indiana Plan member gets a POWER Account, which is set up with $2,500 in his or her name. 

In the HIP program, the first $2,500 of medical expenses for covered services are paid with the POWER Account. The state will contribute most of the amount. If you are required to make a payment, depending on your eligibility status, your payments go towards the $2,500 as well. The amount of your contribution amount is based on your income.

When you pay your monthly POWER Account contribution, it is deposited into your POWER Account. You will receive monthly statements that show you how much money you have remaining in your POWER Account. However, covered services are still paid for by MHS, even after all the money in your POWER Account has been used.

If you manage your health and your POWER Account wisely, you may have money left in your account after 12 months that can be used to LOWER your contributions for the next year of coverage. Every 12 months, you will get a new $2,500 POWER Account to pay for HIP covered medical expenses. If you have money left after 12 months, your cost to continue in HIP may be reduced by rolling over unused funds. For HIP Plus members, if you get recommended preventive care services throughout the year, the leftover funds will be doubled.

Members in the HIP Basic plan also have a POWER Account, but since they are not making contributions, the reward for receiving preventive care is different. If you were enrolled in HIP Basic, received preventive care and did not use all of your POWER Account, you may get a discount of up to 50% on the cost of enrolling in HIP Plus. You will have a chance to move to HIP Plus at the time your rollover is determined.

Show your HIP member ID card every time you visit the doctor, pharmacy, hospital, or any other healthcare provider. Healthcare providers can use your HIP member ID number to review your benefits, and can let you know if you owe any copayments at the time of your visit.

If you have a POWER Account contribution, you will get an invoice in the mail each month. Please make sure you pay your invoice in full before the 1st of each month, for coverage for the following month. 

Learn about the different ways to make your POWER Account payment.

You can have your payment amount reviewed if you have a qualifying event. A qualifying event is a job loss or other change in income. You must report any type of change to the Division of Family Resources (DFR). You can request a change in the payment amount due to a qualifying event once every benefit period.

You can also request a change in the payment amount at any time if there is a change in your family size such as a new baby, a marriage, or a divorce in the family. The Report of Change 44151/FI 2420 form is available to print from the FSSA website.

If you do not use all of the $2,500 in your POWER Account:

  • AND you get at least one of the preventive care services in the following list before the end of the benefit year
  • AND you are eligible for, and re-enroll for another year of Healthy Indiana Plan
  • THEN, the leftover amount in your POWER Account will rollover to your next benefit year’s POWER Account funds. This can lower your monthly contribution payment.
ServiceApplicable Application
Annual PhysicalAll
Blood Glucose ScreenAll, disease-specific
Tetanus-Diphtheria ScreenAll
Cholesterol TestingMales over age 35, females over age 45
MammogramFemales over age 50
Pap SmearFemales between 21-50 years of age
Annual eye check-upAll members with vision coverage
Annual dental check-upAll members with dental coverage


Healthcare Costs

View our list of healthcare costs on the Brochures and Guides page to see how much a healthcare check-up normally costs. This can help you balance your POWER account budget.

Last Updated: 04/16/2024