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POWER Account Payments

Due to 2019 new coronavirus, or COVID-19, the state has stopped the collection of POWER Account contributions for Healthy Indiana Plan members. It will last for as long as Indiana is experiencing a public health emergency. During this period, you will not receive POWER Account statements or invoices. Additionally, copayments will not be required for any service.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. You do not have to make payments for these months. We will notify you when you need to make payments again. You will have 60 days to make your first payment once you receive an invoice.

What if I have already paid?

If you have paid for March, April or May 2020, or any future months, the payments will act as credits to your account. They will carry over to future months when payments are required.

If you have any questions about POWER Accounts or the suspension of payments, please call MHS Member Services at 1-877-647-4848, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Pay Your POWER Account Contribution

Pay Your PAC with Rewards

Ways to Pay

Keep your HIP Plus benefits! 
Be sure you pay your POWER Account contribution in full before the 1st of each month.

MHS makes it easy to pay your monthly POWER Account contribution.

Choose from the following ways to pay: 

Last Updated: 09/08/2022