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Are You Pregnant? Tell Us Right Away!

All you need to do is complete a Notification of Pregnancy survey. Get started:

  • Sign into your Member Portal account and then fill out the Notification of Pregnancy form.
  • Or, call an OB Nurse at 1-877-647-4848, Extension 20309 to complete it over the phone.

How We Help

At MHS, we care about your health and the health of your baby. We have programs for Hoosier Care Connect members who are pregnant or have just had a baby. By joining these programs, you will be eligible for more My Health Pays rewards.

Healthy ActivityReward
Pregnancy - Notification of Pregnancy
Submit Notification of Pregnancy form to MHS within your first trimester ($50) or within your second trimester ($25). Submit using the Member Portal or by calling 1-877-647-4848.
up to $50
Pregnancy - Postpartum Visit
Visit your doctor for an appointment 3-8 weeks after delivery
Pregnancy - Special Deliveries
You may be eligible to earn additional rewards during your pregnancy by enrolling in OB Case Management.
up to $80

We want to help you have a healthy pregnancy. We can also invite you to events that may be in your area, such as an MHS Baby Shower. And, if you have special health needs during your pregnancy, we can match you up with an MHS Care Manager.

Be sure to let MHS and the Division of Family Resources (DFR) know as soon as you become pregnant.

MHS Care Managers will talk to you and suggest the program that is right for you based on your medical history and your doctor’s care plan. To enroll in any of these programs, look for information in the mail or call 1-877-647-4848.

Start Smart for Your Baby

Start Smart for Your Baby (Start Smart) is our special program for women who are pregnant. We want to help you take care of yourself and your child throughout your pregnancy. Information will be given by mail and telephone. Our Start Smart staff can answer questions and give you support if you are having a problem. We can even arrange for a home visit, if needed.

MHS Special Deliveries (PDF)

This program is for women who have previously had complicated pregnancies. And, for women who have delivered pre-term babies. We will match you with a Registered Nurse with high risk obstetrical experience who can educate and support you throughout your pregnancy. The nurse will work with you and your doctor to develop a plan of care to help prevent or treat complications you may have with your pregnancy.

First Year of Life (PDF)

The MHS First Year of Life Program is designed to help guide members through all the medical milestones needed to keep their babies healthy and thriving. Join this free program and we can help you. We will provide you with a Pediatric Nurse who can be your main point of contact and will work with you for the first year of your baby’s life. He or she will call you when it’s time for your baby to see the doctor or get shots, answer questions you have about your benefits, and much more!

Last Updated: 03/28/2024