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Preferred Drug Lists

The MHS Preferred Drug List (PDL) is the list of drugs covered by MHS. The PDL applies to drugs that members can buy at retail pharmacies. The MHS Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee checks the PDL regularly to make sure the list includes medicines that are right for our members, as well as cost-effective. The Committee is composed of the MHS Medical Director, MHS Pharmacy Director, and several Indiana physicians, pharmacists, and specialists.

The PDLs provide a broad selection of drugs for the treatment of most illnesses. This list includes generic drugs as well as brand-name drugs. Some drugs will only be covered with a prior authorization. Members with HIP Plus do not have a copayment for their prescriptions.

Preferred Drug Lists:

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These lists also include over-the-counter (OTC) medicines that are covered by MHS. To buy OTC drugs with their MHS benefit, members should take the drug to the pharmacy counter and provide their MHS ID card.

Last Updated: 09/06/2022