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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Date: 04/18/19

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It’s important that throughout this month we learn and spread awareness. We’ll discuss key topics and include links to more facts.

Why do people abuse kids?

The answers to this question might surprise you. Abuse is a complex issue. In 2017, there were 21,064 first time victims of abuse in Indiana.

When abused kids grow up to have their own, they may continue the cycle of abuse. Studies show that one in three adults who were abused as kids will do the same to their own.

Sometimes parents don’t know how to deal with the stress in their own lives. In Indiana, those who abuse kids range from ages 6 – 74. Most abusers are between the ages of 25 – 44. Out of all abusers reported in Indiana, 24.5% struggle with drug abuse, 19% of them report problems with money, and 10.1% report domestic violence. All of these factors can make parenting tough.

What kinds of stress can add to abuse?

  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Illness of a family member
  • Disability of a family member
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental disability
  • Depression

Why is this important to know?

We can help at-risk parents in our communities. There are many resources there to help cope with the stress of being a parent.

Visit for local resources.

Last Updated: 08/17/2022