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May is National Foster Care Month

Date: 05/15/19

May is National Foster Care Month. There are more than 440,000 kids in foster care across the country. More than 30,000 children are in foster care right here in Indiana. This month, we take the time to learn more about the foster care system.

To give kids in foster care the best possible attention, law requires that a foster parent go through the process of getting a license.

What does it require to get a license?

  • Background checks
  • Foster care training
  • Medical training (CPR, Universal Precautions, First Aid)
  • Paperwork
  • Home visits
  • Formal home study by a Regional Foster Care Specialist

Once you complete all the requirements, you will get your foster home license. Indiana law requires the Department of Child Services (DCS) to review foster homes every year. Home visits, paperwork, background checks, and 15 hours of training will also be required each year to keep your license.

For more information on foster parent requirements, visit Indiana Foster Care's website.

To learn more about National Foster Care Month, visit

Last Updated: 09/08/2022