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May is National Foster Care Month

Date: 05/14/19

May is National Foster Care Month. There are more than 440,000 kids in foster care across the country. More than 30,000 children are in foster care right here in Indiana. This month, we take the time to learn more about the foster care system.

Are you thinking of becoming a foster parent?

Indiana is in desperate need of foster parents. Do you have room in your home? Can you spare your time? Do you have more than enough of the most basic needs? You could make a difference in a child’s life.

In the state of Indiana, foster parents must get a license from the Department of Child Services (DCS). Once you are licensed, you may also be asked for support in other areas:

  • Showing up for Child & Family Team Meetings or Case Plan Conferences
  • Case Plan Goals
  • Being a part of court hearings when asked
  • Providing for the child’s basic needs
  • Privacy for child and family
  • Making the Visitation Plan work
  • Helping a child feel close to his or her birth family

For more information on Foster Care Requirements, visit Indiana Foster Care's website.

To learn more about National Foster Care Month, visit

Last Updated: 09/08/2022