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Self-Referral Services

The following Self-Referred Services do not require a referral from your PMP or approval from MHS.

Members may self-refer to any qualified provider enrolled in medicaid:HHWHIP State PlanHIP BasicHIP Pregnancy OnlyHIP PlusHCC
ChiropractorXX X X

Routine vision (optical) care

Psychiatric servicesXXXXXX
Podiatry (foot) careXX   X
Family planningXXXXXX
Emergency servicesXXXXXX
Urgent careXXXXXX
Diabetes self-managementXXXXXX


The services are self-referral if rendered by an in-network provider:HHWHIP State PlanHIP BasicHIP Pregnancy OnlyHIP PlusHCC
Routine dental careXX XXX
Behavioral health (mental health, substance abuse, chemical dependency)XXXXXX
Last Updated: 01/15/2021