The New HIP Program


MHS is proud to continue our twenty year partnership with the State of Indiana and looking forward to serving Hoosiers through the new Healthy Indiana Plan. We hope this online tool is a helpful resource if you have questions or are looking for more information about the program.


Resources for Current HIP Members:

Resources For Providers:

Example HIP POWER Account ID Card:
POWER Account Card Example
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Looking to Apply for HIP?

When and how can Hoosiers apply

  • Hoosiers can apply for HIP 2.0 now. Applications can be made online at, by mail, fax or phone, or by visiting a local FSSA Division of Family Resources (DFR) office. You can also find your local DFR office by going to
  • In addition, the federal marketplace will be working with us to get Hoosiers eligible for HIP 2.0 enrolled. The marketplace will begin sending applications to Hoosiers who have applied for coverage on the marketplace, but may now be income-eligible for the Healthy Indiana Plan.

Where Hoosiers can go to find more info
To learn more about the NEW Healthy Indiana Plan – HIP 2.0 – or to see if you’re eligible, go to or call 1-877-GET-HIP-9.

Hoosiers interested in HIP 2.0 can go to and see if they’re eligible based on their income and family size. Based on the information they enter, the calculator will indicate if the right place to apply is with the state or federal marketplace.

Fast Track Eligibility
Hoosiers interested in applying for HIP, can chose to participate in Fast Track Eligibility. Fast Track can shorten your enrollment timeline. To participate in Fast Track, you need to pay the $10 prepayment within 60 calendar days of completing your HIP application. Payment of this prepayment invoice could advance your benefit start date. If you are determined not to be eligible for HIP, this prepayment will be fully refunded to you. If your application is approved, the Fast Track prepayment amount will be applied to your initial POWER Account contribution.

It’s important to note that your ongoing monthly POWER Account contribution amount may be more than the initial Fast Track prepayment.