Your Member ID

Your member ID number is what links you to your healthcare benefits. It is printed on the front of every member ID card. Keep your Member ID card on you at all times, in case you need emergency care.

Look on the front of your member ID card. Your member ID number is labeled as either “Member RID” (RID stands for Recipient Identification), or “Consumer ID”. It is a 12-digit number, and does not include letters or other special characters.

In addition to your member number, your member ID card includes phone numbers, web addresses, mailing addresses, and other important information for both you and your provider. If you need to call MHS, you can always find the Member Services phone number on your member ID card.

HIP Members

A HIP members’ ID card is also their POWER Account card.

HIP members who have a contribution may get an invoice from MHS which lists their member ID number beginning with the letters “MHS”. Please enter only the 12-digit number when entering your member ID number for online payment or through Moneygram.

Show Your Card to Your Provider

Show your ID card every time you visit the doctor, pharmacy, hospital, or any other healthcare provider. Healthcare providers can use your member ID number to review your benefits, and can let you know if you owe any co-payments at the time of your visit.

Get Your ID Card

Every MHS member gets a member ID card in the mail within five business days of becoming a member. If you have not yet received your card, please follow these steps:

  1. Update Your Mailing Address

MHS gets your mailing address from your application for benefits from the State. If your mailing address has changed since the time you applied for benefits, you may not be getting important mailings from MHS and the State. Please check with your DFR Case Worker that the State has your current mailing address.

Find my DFR Case Worker

Next, please call MHS Member Services to update your address directly with us. We will get your information from the State, but this will help us start sending your mail correctly, sooner.

  1. Request a Replacement Card

You can request a replacement card at any time, online through your Member Portal. You can also call MHS Member Services. We will mail out a replacement card within 7-10 business days after your request.

ID Card Examples

Click on the program name to view a copy of the front and back of the MHS ID card for that program. On each example, we have outlined in red the location of the member ID number on the front of the card.

Hoosier Care Connect

Hoosier Healthwise

Healthy Indiana Plan (POWER Account card)

Healthy Indiana Plan Maternity