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Hoosier Healthwise & Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)

Member Handbook (PDF)
member handbook front cover

Member Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
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Hoosier Care Connect

Member Handbook (PDF)
member handbook front cover

Member Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
Member QRG front side
Plain Text Version for E-Readers (PDF)

Vietnamese Hoosier Care Connect QRG (PDF)

Russian Hoosier Care Connect QRG (PDF)

You can find all of your covered services in your MHS Member Handbook. The MHS Member Handbook is available in both English and Spanish. We can send you a member handbook in paper form at no cost to you. We will send it to you in 5 business days after we receive your request. MHS also has a quick reference guide to help you find your covered services quickly.

Your MHS Member Handbook can tell you about:

  • How to get medical care
  • Transportation / ride services
  • MHS 24/7 Nurse Advice Line – ask a nurse your health questions
  • Language Assistance, such as translation or interpreter services and TDD/TTY.
  • Dental and Vision Exams
  • Behavioral Health / Mental Health
  • Specialists and services needing a referral from your doctor
  • Pharmacy / Drug Formulary
  • Your rights and responsibilities


Special Programs and Services

As an MHS member there are a variety of programs and services designed to promote healthy outcomes.

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Need Help Understanding Your Benefits?

The MHS MemberConnections®outreach team can help explain your health coverage over the phone and can connect you to other community resources.

The MHS Family Education Network can help explain your health coverage through in-person training around the State.

Please call MHS Member Services at (877) 647-4848 or, Send us a Message if you would like to know more about these programs.


Visit Your Doctor – Get Your Preventive Care and Shots

Why visit the doctor for regular check-ups?
We visit the doctor when we are sick or hurt so that we can get better, but doctors can help us when we’re not sick, too. Doctors can help us find the early warning signs of health problems so that we can change our lifestyles or take medications that will keep us from getting sick – or worse. We also get immunizations (shots) that keep us from getting diseases that can cause wide-spread sickness in our communities.Visit our Immunizations and Preventive Care page to learn about when you’re due for your next shot or preventive screening.You can also visit the website for immunization schedules.


Quality Improvement

MHS wants to help you get the quality care you deserve. The MHS Quality Improvement program reviews all care and services you get from MHS doctors, hospitals and other services you receive. This helps ensure that the care you receive is of good quality, helpful and right for you. Learn more…