SafeLink Free Cell Phone

Managed Health Services (MHS) is proud to be working with SafeLink Wireless to offer you this special, federal program.

SafeLink provides:

  • 250 minutes or texts per month.
  • The option to buy extra minutes at a discount. Only $0.10 per extra minute.
  • A FREE phone and monthly minutes.
  • The ability to make and receive calls from your doctors, nurses, 911, family and friends.
  • Communication access 24 hours a day.
  • Ability to participate in educational programs.

MHS members get all the same benefits of a SafeLink phone, plus more!
There are no added cost for these extras:

  • Unlimited inbound text messages
  • Calls to MHS Member Services that will not count towards your 250 minutes.
  • To take part in MHS cell phone health programs.

With a SafeLink phone, there are no bills, so there are no surprises. If you run out of minutes, you can buy more. And you can always call 911 or MHS Member Services for free, even if you run out of minutes.

Ways to Enroll in the MHS SafeLink Phone Program

  1. If you already have a SafeLink phone, call (877) 631-2550 so you can begin receiving MHS’ SafeLink benefits.
  2. Visit to apply online.
  3. Call MHS Member Services and ask for a paper application.
  4. Call SafeLink at (877) 631-2550 to apply over the phone.