For Moms

Are You Pregnant? Tell Us Right Away!

How We Help
We want to help you have a healthy pregnancy. We will send you small gifts, books, and brochures that will help you have a healthy pregnancy. We can also invite you to events that may be in your area, such as an MHS Baby Shower. And, if you have special health needs during your pregnancy, we can match you up with an MHS nurse Care Manager.

At MHS, we care about your health and the health of your baby. We have two programs for MHS Hoosier Healthwise and CHIP members who are pregnant or have just had a baby. By joining either program, you will be eligible for more CentAccount rewards.

Start Smart for Your Baby is a program open to all pregnant members. Special Deliveries is a program open to pregnant members with a medical condition that might need extra attention while pregnant. MHS Care Managers will talk to you and suggest the program that is right for you based on your medical history and your doctor’s care plan.

Start Smart for Your Baby®

As a part of the MHS Start Smart program, an MHS Nurse Care Manager will talk with you throughout your pregnancy to identify any needs you may have. Your Care Manager can also work with you and your doctor to be sure you get the support you need.

MHS’ Special Deliveries

This program is for women who have previously had complicated pregnancies. And, for women who have delivered pre-term babies. We will match you with a Registered Nurse with high risk Obstetrical experience who can educate and support you throughout your pregnancy. The nurse will work with you and your doctor to develop a plan of care to help prevent or treat complications you may have with your pregnancy.

17P (alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate)
MHS offers our qualifying members with a history of preterm delivery, 17P. This is a drug to aid in the prevention of recurrent preterm delivery. If you are identified as a candidate, we will contact your treating physician to discuss the appropriateness of using this drug.