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Teen Health Tips - Peer Pressure

Date: 08/30/18

As you get older, you’ll be faced with challenging decisions. Some don’t have a clear right or wrong answer. But some will involve serious moral questions, like whether to drink or smoke. Peer pressure is when you are influenced by other people (your peers) to act in a certain way.

Why do people give in to peer pressure? Some people give in because they want to be liked. Others go along with what their peers say because they just want to try something new or because everyone else is doing it.

Making decisions when other people try to pressure you one way or another can be very hard. People influence your life just by spending time with you. You learn from them and they learn from you. Sometimes peers can affect you in a negative way by pressuring you to drink alcohol underage or smoke. It can be hard to say no. But pay attention to your own feelings and beliefs about what is right and wrong. That will help you know what the right thing is to do in the end. There are also positive versions of peer pressure. Peer pressure can actually be used to pressure bullies into acting better towards others.

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