Helpful Links

Indiana Medicaid Members

Visit the Indiana Medicaid Members Page to learn more about:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • How to enroll
  • Covered services
  • Available social services
  • Other questions

Enrollment Centers
View a list of enrollments centers around the state where you can go to renew your enrollment.

Pharmacy & Dental Benefit

Find a HHW Pharmacy or Dentist

HHW Preferred Drug List @ Click on “Preferred Drug List” to view the current listing.

The Preferred Drug List (PDL) shows some of the drugs covered under your HHW pharmacy benefit. A team of doctors and pharmacists update this list four times a year. Updating this list ensures that the drugs are safe and useful for you, and cost effective for the Indiana Medicaid program.

Find a HIP Pharmacy and learn more about HIP Pharmacy


State Government Sites

The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) is in charge of Medicaid policy and planning and Hoosier Healthwise.
The Division of Family Resources provides information about:

  • Cash assistance
  • Child care assistance
  • Food stamps
  • Employment and training services for low-income clients
  • Medicaid eligibility throughout the state

The Indiana State Department of Health can help keep you up to date on important preventive healthcare goals from the State of Indiana.

US Health and Human Services’ US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services This site gives information about Medicaid and CHIP benefits standards from the federal government. These standards are upheld by the Indiana state government.


Community Partners


Preventive Health


Sites for Pregnancy and Moms


MHS Sister Companies

Managed Health Services works with the following companies to bring our members well-rounded care:
Cenpatico Behavioral Health
Centene Corporation
Opticare Managed Vision