Pregnancy and Healthy Indiana Plan

Congratulations on your pregnancy! To ensure you receive all the health benefits you need to have a healthy pregnancy, let MHS or the Department of Family Resources (DFR) know you are pregnant right away. Complete your Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form and you can qualify for up to $85 additional dollars on your CentAccount Healthy Rewards card.

As a pregnant Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) member, you will have zero cost sharing responsibility throughout your pregnancy. This means you will have no monthly POWER account contribution and no copays for doctor visits or pharmacy services. You will also receive additional benefits not available to other HIP members. These extra benefits make it easier to see your doctor, so you can get important prenatal (pregnancy) care. These benefits include transportation to and from your doctor visits, chiropractic services, and Medicaid Rehabilitation Option (MRO services). Learn more about your benefits in your member handbook.

After you have alerted MHS or the DFR of your pregnancy, there’s nothing you need to do. These services will begin the first day of the month, after you’ve reported your pregnancy.

You do have the option to transfer your medical coverage to HIP Maternity for the time you are pregnant if you choose. However, you would still get the same benefit coverage as outlined above. Contact your local DFR office if you want to make the switch.

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

MHS wants to help you stay healthy. Our OB Nurses are here to make sure you get the medical care and resources you need during and after your pregnancy.
MHS OB Nurses can:

  • Help you understand what is happening to your body during the pregnancy.
  • Talk about problems that may come up during your pregnancy.
  • Talk about what to do if you have complications during your pregnancy.
  • Help you make doctor appointments or schedule a free ride to the doctor’s office.
  • Help you get a free cell phone if you need one. You can use this phone to reach your doctor, family and other important people while you are pregnant.
  • Help you quit smoking, or using tobacco.
  • Help you find more ways to earn CentAccount rewards by going to your OB doctor visits.
  • Answer any other questions about your health and the health of your baby.

Call 1-877-647-4848 and enroll in OB Care management today!

After your pregnancy Ends

Pregnancy benefits will end 60 days after you deliver. To avoid gaps in coverage, alert MHS or the DFR, and pay your first POWER account contribution at the end of your pregnancy.

Are you no longer pregnant? Tell us right away!
All you need to do is complete an End of Pregnancy survey. You will get a special thank you gift for completing the survey. Get started now:

End of Pregnancy Notification Survey

If you have a Member Portal account, you can login and click on “My Health” to complete the End of Prengnacy Notification Survey, under the “Let us Know” tab. Or, you can call Member Services 1-877-647-4848.