Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)

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HIP Plus: HIP Plus is the preferred plan for all HIP members

HIP Plus provides the best value coverage and includes vision and dental services. HIP Plus provides health coverage for a low, predictable monthly cost. Members pay affordable monthly contributions, and the only other cost for health care in HIP Plus is a payment of $8 or $25 if you visit the emergency room when you don’t have an emergency health condition. HIP Plus can be cheaper because you do not pay any other costs or copayments when you visit the doctor, fill a prescription or go to the hospital.

HIP Plus provides MORE benefits including vision and dental services. HIP Plus gives more visits for physical, speech and occupational therapists than the HIP Basic program, and coverage for additional services like bariatric surgery and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) treatments are included. With HIP Plus you can get 90 day refills on prescriptions you take every day and can receive medication by mail order. HIP Plus can be cheaper because members do NOT have to make payments when they visit the doctor, fill a prescription or go to the hospital like they do in HIP Basic.

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HIP Basic: HIP Basic can be much more expensive than HIP Plus

HIP members who do not pay their monthly POWER account contribution are disenrolled from HIP Plus. Those with incomes of $973 or less per month for an individual, or $1988 or less per month for a family of four will receive HIP Basic benefits. HIP Basic benefits provide coverage for all required services but are more limited and do not provide vision or dental coverage along with some other benefits. In HIP Basic, you have to make a payment every time you receive a health care service, such as going to the doctor, filling a prescription and staying in the hospital. These payments may range from $4 to $8 per doctor visit or prescription filled and may be as high as $75 per hospital stay.

    • Copays for services except preventive care and family planning (ranging from $4 to $8 per doctor visit or prescription filled and as high as $75 per hospital stay )
    • NO dental or vision coverage option

How to Apply

If your monthly or annual income levels fall within the guidelines up to 138% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) outlined below, you may qualify for HIP 2.0.

Household Size 22% 50% 75% 100% 133% ~138% FPL*
1 $214 $487 $730 $973 $1,294 $1,358.10
2 $289 $656 $984 $1,311 $1,744 $1,830.58
3 $363 $825 $1,237 $1,650 $2,194 $2,303.06
4 $438 $994 $1,491 $1,988 $2,644 $2,775.54
5 $512 $1,163 $1,745 $2,326 $3,094 $3,248.03
6 $587 $1,333 $1,999 $2,665 $3,544 $3,720.51
7 $661 $1,502 $2,252 $3,003 $3,994 $4,192.99
8 $735 $1,671 $2,506 $3,341 $4,444 $4,665.47
For each additional person, add: $75 $170 $254 $339 $450 $472.48


To start your application, call HIP at 1-877-GET-HIP9 (1-877-438-4479).

Or, visit

Fast Track Eligibility
Hoosiers interested in applying for HIP, can chose to participate in Fast Track Eligibility. Fast Track can shorten your enrollment timeline. To participate in Fast Track, you need to pay the $10 prepayment within 60 calendar days of completing your HIP application. Payment of this prepayment invoice could advance your benefit start date. If you are determined not to be eligible for HIP, this prepayment will be fully refunded to you. If your application is approved, the Fast Track prepayment amount will be applied to your initial POWER Account contribution.

It’s important to note that your ongoing monthly POWER Account contribution amount may be more than the initial Fast Track prepayment.

How can I make a payment so I don’t lose HIP Plus coverage?

Online Payments
Use your credit or debit card or bank account number to make a payment online. Online payment options also include bank account deduction or automatic payment.

Cash / In Person Payments with MoneyGram
Pay your POWER Account Contribution at a MoneyGram Location.

  1. Find MoneyGram locations – more than 40,000 US agent locations inside retailers like CVS/pharmacy, Advance America, Walmart and thousands more!
  2. Bring these items with you:
    • Your POWER Account Invoice
    • Your Member ID (found on your invoice)
    • Cash or PIN debit card also accepted at Walmart
    • Receive Code: 15200
  3. Complete the MoneyGram ExpressPayment® blue form, use the red MoneyGram phone, or use the MoneyGram kiosk to complete your transaction. It usually takes just minutes.

Payment processes may vary depending on your location. Just ask an associate for help. Find a MoneyGram location at or call 1-800-926-9400.

US Mail
Include check or money order or fill out the attached coupon with your credit or debit card information and mail it to:
Managed Health Services
Member Mailstop 16253487
PO Box 660160
Dallas, TX 75266-0160

Please include payment voucher from the bottom of your invoice with lockbox payment submission.

Payment by Phone
Pay over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling MHS Member Services at 1-877-647-4848 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Automatic Bank Deduction
Complete and send MHS the ‘Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds’ (EFT) form included with your invoice. Note: It may take multiple billing cycles after you mail in the completed form before the amount is automatically deducted from your account.

Payroll Deductions
Discuss this option directly with your employer. Have your employer complete and send MHS the ‘Employer Payroll Deduction Authorization’ form included with your invoice.

Employer, Non-profit or Other Non-Member Payer
Employers, non-profits and other non-members can make some or all of your POWER Account contribution. Anyone paying on your behalf needs to complete the ‘Employer, Non-Profit or Non-Member Payer’ form included with your invoice. If your employer pays some of your POWER account contribution, and you think the employer has not paid MHS, please contact your employer. You are responsible for the entire amount due, including any amount that your employer may fail to pay. You may be given extra time to pay if your employer failed to make their payment. Contact MHS Member Services if this happens.

Family Payments
Do you have more than one family member in your household responsible for a payment? You can pay MHS using one payment method. Include all family members’ HIP identification numbers (found on your POWER Account invoice or your POWER Account Visa Prepaid Member ID Card) with the payments.

Possible Problems
Some kinds of payment methods may not show in your account right away. If you get a bill from MHS after you already made your monthly payment, please call MHS Member Services at 1-877-647-4848 to make sure your payment has gone through. If you set up automatic payments, check to be sure the first automatic payment will start before you stop making one-time payments. MHS will notify you if your payment cannot be processed so you can find another way to pay or help fix the problem. However, MHS has the right to charge a standard fee of $25 for returned checks or other non-sufficient fund rejections.

POWER Account Online Payments Site

Please make sure you pay your account in full before the 1st of each month.

POWER Account

In the HIP program, the first $2,500 of medical expenses for covered services are paid with a special savings account called a Personal Wellness and Responsibility (POWER) account.

Learn more about POWER account

Gateway to Work
MHS wants its Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) members to know about a new program. It’s called Gateway to Work. This is a free and voluntary program.

The program is designed to help HIP members builds the skills needed to help get a new or better job.

Learn more about the Gateway to Work program

Need help with some of the HIP terms? Reference this guide from the state.