Children with Special Needs

MHS’ Children with Special Needs Unit brings experienced professionals with varied backgrounds together as a team to address the complex needs of individual members. The program provides case management to families with children who have difficult medical problems and will benefit from team care – including children with autism, developmental disabilities, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, immune deficiencies and other chronic illnesses.

Through this new unit, MHS staff provides education, resources and tools to members and their families to assist in getting the help needed to maximize health, development and independent living in the community.

The team goals include reducing complications related to conditions or diseases; increasing the ability to perform activities of daily living; and reducing or eliminating the fragmentation of services and the barriers to care, education and social activities.

Family or guardians may call MHS and ask for a member of the Special Needs Unit in order to learn more about how to obtain an MHS case manager for a special needs child.

View and print our Children with Special Needs brochure.