CentAccount Common Questions

Managed Health Services (MHS) gives members more ways to pay for their healthcare with our CentAccount rewards program. As an MHS member, you can earn rewards that will be applied to your CentAccount card by completing your health needs assessment, and getting regular check-ups and exams.

The CentAccount rewards card is exclusively accepted at Meijer, Rite Aid, Dollar General and Family Dollar. It can be used to buy things like groceries, baby and personal items as well as over the counter drugs like cough medicine and pain relief. For a complete listing of available items, login to your member portal account.

For more help, you can call the CentAccount information line: 1-877-259-6959, or send us your questions through our Contact Us form.

Who can get a CentAccount card? All MHS members are eligible for a CentAccount card.

Can members under 18 get a CentAccount card? Yes. The card will be issued in the child’s name and sent to the child’s address.

When do I get my CentAccount card? You will get a CentAccount card after you complete at least one of the healthy choices/behaviors that can earn you a reward. The card will be mailed to your home, pre-loaded with the reward amount earned. HIP members will receive their card after six months following their first healthy choice.

Is my CentAccount card a credit card? No, your CentAccount card is not a credit card.

Do I need a pin number to use my CentAccount card? No, you can use it like a pre-paid gift card.

I’ve completed a healthy behavior to earn a CentAccount reward but I still have not received my card or the incentive amount. Should I be concerned? Rewards are applied to cards based on claims submitted by your provider. It could take up to four months to receive a reward.

Who do I call if I haven’t received a card / reward? If you have completed a healthy choice/behavior and would like to check the status of your card or reward, please call the MHS CentAccount information line at 1-877-259-6959.

How do I get a new card if it is lost or stolen? Please call the CentAccount information line at 1-877-259-6959 to report your lost or stolen card. The total charge for a replacement card is five dollars ($5) USD. This charge will be taken out of your CentAccount rewards. If you do not have enough of a balance, the charge will be taken out when a new reward is added.

Can I get more than one reward during one doctor visit? Yes! Please talk with your doctor about setting up an appointment that completes one or more of the healthy choices.

How often can I get a reward for seeing my doctor? Yearly check-ups and health screenings for children or adults must be in the following calendar year to get a second reward. For example, if you get a reward for a yearly check-up in 2014, you will get a reward for your first appointment in the year 2015.

How long will it take to have a reward put onto my card after I complete a healthy behavior? Rewards can take up to four months to appear on your CentAccount card.

Can I use my CentAccount card at an ATM? No. The CentAccount card will not work at an ATM.

How can I find out the balance on my card? Call the automated service line toll-free: 1-888-682-2400 to check your balance. You will need to have your card with you when you call. You can also call the CentAccount information line at 1-877-259-6959 for more info about the program.

Can I purchase items covered and items not covered in the same transaction with the card? Yes, since the card functions similar to a gift card. You will be able to purchase items that are not covered and those that are during the same transaction using two different forms of payment.

Will my CentAccount card expire? Yes. Your card can expire in four ways:

  1. One year from the date of your first reward.
  2. After 90 days of your last date of coverage with MHS.
  3. If the card is inactive (no additional rewards or transactions) for 12 months.
  4. If you do not activate your card within 60 days of receipt.

If I have a CentAccount balance of $25 and I purchase $10 worth of items, will I lose the remaining balance? No. Once you swipe your CentAccount card for payment, eligible items up to the amount of your balance will be covered. Any remaining balance will remain on your card. You can use it for future purchases.

Can I use my CentAccount card to help pay my medical or pharmacy co-pays? No.

Can I use my CentAccount card to help pay some of my utility bills? No.

Can I purchase over-the-counter medicines with my CentAccount card? Yes. You will use the check-out lines at the front of participating stores to buy your items. You cannot pay for items at the pharmacy counter or window.