Every MHS Member is eligible for a CentAccount card.

This special program lets you earn rewards on a prepaid incentive card each time you visit your doctor for yearly check-ups / well-child visits. You can use the card to buy health-related items and services. Your CentAccount card can be used at CVS, Walmart, supermarkets and many other stores that accept prepaid debit cards.

Start Earning Rewards

  1. Complete one of the healthy behaviors/choices listed on our chart:New Members: Complete your Health Needs Screening right now to start earning rewards – Get $30 before 30 days, or if you’re past 30 days, $10 before 90 days.
  2. After we verify it is completed, you will get your CentAccount card in the mail.
  3. Make more healthy choices, and more rewards will be added on the card!
View the Rewards Chart (English & Spanish)
CentAccount Reward Chart Thumbnail

This list is also in our CentAccount brochure

Did you try to use your card and it was rejected?
If you try to buy something that costs more than you have on your card, it will be rejected. Tell the cashier how much is on the card before they use your card. If the cost is more than what is available, you will need to pay the rest with another form of payment.

If you try to buy an eligible item, like contact solution, along with a non-eligible item, like soda, the card will be rejected. You will need to make two separate purchases – buy the eligible items using the card, and then buy any other items with another form of payment.

Now you can use your CentAccount Rewards at Babies“R”Us and BabiesRUs.com. Your Rewards can also be used to help pay your utility bills. This includes your electric, gas, water, and sewer bills.

Common Questions and Answers about CentAccount

For more information, call the CentAccount Information line at:
(877) 259-6959.