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Prenatal Care Keeps You and Your Baby Healthy

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Read some common questions - and answers - about pregnancy on the MHS Health Library.

Prenatal care is medical care you get while pregnant. You can get prenatal care from certain health providers. This includes a family practice doctor or OB. It can also be a midwife or nurse practitioner.

Women who don’t get prenatal care are more likely to have problems. The baby might have a low birth weight, be infected or have other problems that need treatment.

Here is what happens at a typical prenatal check-up:

  • Your provider checks on you and your growing baby.
  • Your provider checks your weight, blood and urine.
  • You can find out your due date.
  • You find out if there are any vaccinations you need.
  • You can see your baby for the first time with an ultrasound.

Every pregnancy is different. Use your prenatal check-up to ask your provider any questions you have. Be prepared for each visit with a list of questions. Take good notes during the visit as your doctor answers the questions.

For more information, visit our free health library! Learn about prenatal care and many other topics.